Chic ZEN style – my recent favorite.

Chic ZEN style – my recent favorite.

Chic ZEN style is now booming around in my tiny apartment.

This is basically the conbination with Zen and Chic – yes, literally. I named it by myself because currently I am OBSESSED with the style.

Here are my favorite pieces.

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1. Little buddha figure that I got from the trip to Kamakura, Japan. In the shop, there was also silver metalic one, but I chose gold because gold is much more chic, right?
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2. NAMBU ironware, in details.
3. Favorite magazines with Japanese tea set and ‘Monkey’ by Kej Bojesen.
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4. Ready for a sip?





   A happy new day!

Let’s countdown to the end.

The year 2017 is coming to the end, even though it’s still second week of October.

But usually, every year when we come to this time of the year, the rest goes by quite fast, right? And we are in a brand new year after counting down 3, 2, 1. How exciting moment.

Particularly this year, I’m very excited for the ending. Guess why.

I am going to New. York. City.

This is going to be my very first trip to the states in my entire life, and more, NYC has been my dream destination since I was 14 when I first saw “The Devil Wears Prada.” You know my feeling, watching Andrea walking down a street in a fancy outfit and stopping Yellow Cab. I got a huge impression about this coolest city.

Anyway, I am going to stay there from the end of 2017 and very beginning of 2018.

The to-visit list keeps going longer day by day, obviously.

I can’t wait to share my experience and photos from the trip!

Have a beautiful day!